Innovative and state-of-the-art mobile apps and hardware


3D PanEx is a unique Angell Echo technology that blends the virtual
and real worlds to create a visually stunning user interface.
3D PanEx turns an app into an experience.

Our Work

Hello Kitty

E-commerce and
Social Media Platform

Uses augmented reality to display merchandise
Purchasing system
Social media integration

  Yi Hao Financial

Mobile Financial Platform

Manage investments
User system
Product management
Order input
Services profile
Streamlined reporting


Multimedia Digital Platform

Multimedia content and online presentations Subscription payments
User comments

Tablet Catapult

Marketing and
Branding Game

Educate users through gameplay
Contest marketing strategy
Increase sales & brand-awareness

Li Du Shen

In-house Training

Games increase memory retention
Animations create more engaging content
Interactive quizzes increase training efficacy

  Stellar Cineplex

3D PanEx UI

3D rendering of movie theatre
Buy movie tickets
Back-end to update 3D UI
Includes tracking for analytics


Fitness Data Analysis

Record running time and route
Social media integration
Location-based reminders
Redeem discounts with QR codes

Good Baby

Marketing for Pharmaceuticals

Original songs and videos to engage users Customized games
Sales team training
Sales reporting system

We can't wait to see where our clients will take us next.

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