Magikid Robotics Lab
Magikid Robotics Lab prepares kids for the future by teaching them the technology and tools of tomorrow. Our STEM based curriculum incorporates programming, robotics and software development though group learning or personal 1-on-1 instruction. Located in California and Shanghai, with more labs set to open across Asia and Europe, our goal is to give kids the opportunity to learn these important skills and have fun while doing so!
* A brand trusted by 20 million users
* Respected educational robotics brands
* The latest ed-tech theory and practice
* STEM curriculum system
* LMS teaching system
* Learning resources shared across our locations
* Professionally trained instructors
* Flexible session schedule
* Personal instruction services offered
The CEO and COO of Cubit Robotics visited Magikid Robotics Lab in Los Angeles
Magikid Robotics Lab team visited Leap Motion headquarters in San Francisco
Magikid Robotics Labs’ Los Angeles, San Jose and Shanghai teams received training in Lego Mindstorms Educational Robots
Magikid Robotics Lab team met with VEX’s Asia Pacific President
Magikid Robotics Lab team visited Wonder Workshop Headquarters in San Mateo, California
Magikid Robotics Lab participated in Wonder Workshops’ first press conference in Mainland China
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