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The first Magikid app, Magikid Stage, was developed in 2011. Since then, more than 10 apps have been launched in the App Store under our Magikid Brand including Magikid Chinese, Magikid Pinyin, Magikid English and Magikid Numbers. Magikid apps are always being updated with new and original content and have been featured on the App Store’s home page and educational category multiple times. Magikid Chinese has been featured over 30,000 times since its launch.
Magikid English
Magikid Pinyin
Magikid Chinese
Magikid Numbers
Magikid Channel
Magikid Stage
Magikid Math
Magikid Train
Magikid Christmas
Magikid Nian
Magikid Karaoke
Magikid Travel
Top 10 App Store Apps in China 2013
Top 10 App Store Publisher in China 2013
Received great reviews in 2014 National Chinese Language Conference
Magikid Stage - Best app in App Store 2011
Magikid Chinese - Best app as rated by Avenues
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