Our News
Grand Opening!
October 2016
Magikid Robotics Lab celebrated its official Grand Opening with an exciting party!
Magikid Chinese is featured again!
September 2016
With 20 million users and original art, Magikid apps are once again featured by Apple in the App Store.
Magikid Robotics Lab Lands in Shanghai!
August 2016
Magikid Robotics Lab Shanghai has officially begun operations, offering bilingual group sessions and competitions!
Our Amazing Summer in California
July 2016
This summer, 7 families travelled to America with us and explored Science, Robotics, Nature, and Culture.
Visit to Dash and Dot's Home
June 2016
Magikid Robotics Lab team visited Wonder Workshop Headquarters in San Mateo, California.
Magikid Global Pudong Race
April 2015
Angell Echo’s team had a great opportunity this Spring to participate in a race for a charity aimed at improving public welfare.
Magikid 3D art stage
March 2015
Based on our app, Magikid Stage, Magikid 3D art stage is our latest invention.
Magikid little singers
November 2014
Have you ever wondered how we record our songs? Particularly our smash hit “Welcome to Singapore”?
Magikid International Children Concert
June 2013
On one bright and lovely Saturday morning, we gathered together to celebrate international children’s day.
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